September 24, 2008

525,600 Minutes

Whew! Just when I was thinking, "What the heck am I going to write about this week? Let's see, I saw this misshaped pumpkin growing through a steel gate today. Oh, and our kitten dragged a piece of toast off Jillian's plate and scampered away yesterday."--along comes our one-year anniversary. That's right, happy readers, it was 365 days ago today that our plane touched down in Skopje (where we were greeted by the sign reading "Alexander the Great Airport") and thus began our sojourn as Peace Corps Volunteers.

And so like an aging, flabby rock band (think the Stones post-1975) with nothing original to offer except a greatest hits album, here's a slew of our favorite photos from the last year. And like that same band who then turns to the "live album" until that alleged "inspiration" comes along, we've added some photos from this afternoon from around town.

One year in Macedonia gets you:

1 new cat

1 lazy hunter

2 great host parents

2 lame poses

3 channels

5 pints of green beer

10 amazing weddings (wait, it was only one?)

21.2 kilometers

Dozens of new friends

80 girls tie-dyed

Tens of kids at summer camp

Hundreds of peppers drying

Thousands of snails harvested

Not bad for a year's work.


GS Counselor: said...

Happy Anniversary!!

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- Mikii