September 28, 2007


Our first week of language, culture and technical training has been amazing to say the least. Although we are exhausted and fatigued from all the stimulation, we are still excited to be here. This post is just a recap of all we have been doing so far:
Language & Culture Training- PC uses an incredible method for teaching language. Our first introduction to the language consisted of basic greetings using a listen and repeat method. And by repeat, I mean repeat a billion times. The Language Facilitators are so patient and supportive that it doesn't even feel like a language class. Another benefit to this approach and environment is that everything you learn you are able to try out immediately with native speakers. We had our first successful conversation in Macedonian today. It went something like this.

Me: Good evening.
Macedonian Lady: Good Evening.
Me: How are you?
Lady: Good, and you?
Me: I am good.
Lady: (silence)
Me: Goodbye!
Lady: Goodbye.

Not bad, huh? Oh, and Dan successfully ordered a bottle of beer completely in Macedonian.
Technical Training- This week was an introduction to what we will be doing as Secondary and Primary English Language Resource Teachers. During our 3 month training period we will learn more about the duties of that position and the methodologies of teaching English as a Foreign Language. It sounds like every site is very unique and that the duties can vary greatly between sites. So, a definitive all encompassing description of the job may have to wait.

Currently, all the trainees are staying at a central "hub" site, but during the remainder of training we will be in smaller "satellite" sites. Tomorrow we will find out our satellite site and therefore will be meeting our host family as well. We are very excited about this and looking forward to a more permanent place to stay. We will try to keep everyone posted as to what we are doing, but it is uncertain if we will have regular internet access. One possible site is rural and has no internet, while the other is more urban and does have internet. We'll find out tomorrow. Until then, Dobra Noch!

Hiking above our training city


Anonymous said...

Dan and Jillian, We certainly hope that you wil be stationed in an area that has internet service. It would be a shame if this wonderful blog were to suffer a setback by not having an internet service. We will look forward to your everday blogs and hope that they will continue without letup. Love to you both. Grandpa K

Valerie Hardy said...

Jillian and Dan,
This all seems so exciting after such a long wait. I bet is is hard to believe it has finally happened. Rest up and I hope your host family is awesome!
Valerie Hardy

melisa said...

Hi Dan and Jillian -
sounds like you are doing great with the language, when Tim and I were in Germany I tried 3 times (same restaurant) to order a drink, eventually I couldn't even order water correctly!

Glad things are exciting, we wish you all the best - the Hughes network (the technological and not so technological) are all looking forward to following your adventures!

Tim & Melisa

Matt said...

And by "bottle of beer" I assume you mean "bottle of Bud Light"