September 15, 2007

Runnin' in the Rain

Today marked the last Official Event before our departure on Friday. This morning, in and around rain-drenched Bar Harbor, we ran the Mount Desert Island Half-Marathon. When I say drenched, I mean of the soggy-shirt, squishy-shoe variety. This past week was nothing but sunshine and perfect early-fall weather. Ditto for the long range forecast. Except for today, one of those headlights-and-wipers-on-all-day deal.

So, lucky us and the other 300-odd runners. The race--the only half marathon in the country that winds through a national park--moved along Acadia's carriage trails (which were built as just that, paths for the rich to take their horse-and-buggies out) and finished in Bar Harbor.

Jillian at mile 5, waving to her devoted fans

Right after I finished. Dad puts his arm around me to pose, only to discover
my shirt was a disgusting, swampy mess.

30 seconds after Jillian finished, 10 seconds before we dashed off for a hot shower.

For the record:
Dan -- 1:31:19 (third in my age group!)
Jillian -- 1:50:10 (just missed placing in her age group, came in fourth)

And more importantly: 120 hours until we're out of here. No more Official Events left, time to start packing.


Anonymous said...

Yay for Jillian's new smile!

So here's my elder-sis advice: never, never napkin the retainer. And as embarrassing as it is, get a plastic retainer case in as bright a neon color as possible. Scary Bright. Clashes with every tablecloth, so you can't miss it, and can't get lost in a big purse.

But smile. You're pretty. :)


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you're finally back to being "fully dressed". Love the smile, love my Jillian!

Sarah said...

I love that smile! Even though I still miss the chain that pulled Mister Stubborn Tooth down; that chain was by far my favorite part of your orthodontia.

I agree with your big sis- neon retainer case = good. Camouflage retainer case = bad.